Safety Precautions

Although we hope your stay in Ostrava won’t be crossed by any unpleasant experience, never underestimate precautions for your own security sake.
Be aware that pick-pockets make a nice living especially when targeting unaware people in public transport. Never keep your wallet or essential documents in your back pockets or in an easily-reachable pocket in your bag to avoid being a victim of a crime.

While Ostrava doesn’t have high level of serious crime and is quite safe to live in, there is one thing you should pay attention to. We have thieves here. It’s not something surprising, they are in every country. But Stodolní (our party street) is like a paradise for thieves. If you go there DON’T take all your documents. Take just the transport card, JUST one kind of ID (preferably not a passport) and not too much money. And NEVER leave those things anywhere. Have it in your pockets or have your bag/purse all the time on you. Few seconds of inattention is more then enough for them.