Bank Holidays

1st January   
Foundation Day of Czech Republic (1.1.1993)

Easter Monday 
Easter Holiday

1st May  
Labour Day

8th May      
Liberation Day – celebrating the end of World War II

5th July         
Constantine and Methodius Day – the arrival of the Christian missionaries from Byzantine Empire to Great Moravia

6th July         
Master Jan Hus Day – commemoration of the religious reformer´s death at the stake in 1415

28th September    
St. Wenceslas Day – in remembrance of the Czech patron

28th October 
Czechoslovakian Statehood Day – establishment of the democratic Czechoslovakia in 1918

17th November
Freedom and Democracy Day – commemorating the anti-Nazi student demonstrations of 1939 and the anti-Communist demonstrations of 1989

24th December 
Christmas Day

25th and 26th December  
Christmas Bank Holidays