Internet Connection

PC and Internet facilities at the dormitory:

1. First you have to register at
– on the top menu click on Provoz a služby
– on the left column click on Koleje a menzy
– choose Registrace IP adres
– on the middle column click on Registrace IP adresy.
(fill it very attentively)
Koleje = residential hall (Vítkovice, Hladnov…)
Uživatelské heslo = nickname
Heslo = password (maximum 8 letters)
Potvrzení hesla = password again
Email = email
Číslo pokoje = your room number
MAC adresa = MAC address

The information about your MAC address is on your computer:
· Windows 9x : Start >> Run >> winipcfg
· Windows NT/2000/XP : Start >> Run >> cmd /K ipconfig /all
· Linux : ifconfig or : ip r

The data format can be : 00:08:c9:5c:4a:1b or 00-08-C9-5C-4A-1B.

2. Payments:
– Internet costs 150 crowns per month.
– You have to pay at the dormitory office
3. Contact the administrator – dormitory of Vítkovice – room 516b.