Cost of Living

One of the most common question which international students ask us is about the cost of living in the Czech Republic.

Well in 2016, when €1 equals to 27.3 czech crowns (koruna česká, CZK) the country is cheaper to live than the western Europe, food prices are quite comparable but going out and traveling is much cheaper.

You have already know the value of czech crown so the list of typical prices in the Czech Republic we write in that.

The prices are for the middle class products, which is the same quality as the lowest in Germany, but you always can buy cheaper but worse quality. I personally recommend not to buy the lowest price stuff as the quality is significantly lower.


French bread 15

Czech bread 27

Cheese 100g 30

Ham 100g 35

12 eggs 30

Czech rohlik 2

Bun 4

Milk 20

Cherry tomatoes 250g 15

Chicken breasts 500g 70

Pork 1kg 160

Coca-Cola 29

Still water 1.5l 14

Olive oil 500ml 120

Pasta (almost any) 500g 35


Beer 0.5 12

Wine (czech) 80

Wine (imported) 100

Vodka 140-290

Rum 140-290

Eating out

Some restaurants offer prepared food called Menu in czech which is served usually between 11-13 on workdays which costs around 80.

Later the usual prices are written down here.

Cafeterias are more expensive than restaurants.

Main dish 120-250 (don’t ever pay more then it is called robbery)

Pizza 130

Soup 40-60

Meal in student canteen 30-50

Beer 0.5l 25-35 (depends on the place)

Wine 35-50

Coffee 35-55

Liquors 0.04 30-60

Going out

Well there are some pubs in Ostrava which you might like. The prices of alcohol are much lower than the west. Czech republic offers a good quality beer with half prices in comparison with the rest of the eastern Europe. Usually the beer is around 30 (€1.1) even in the biggest night clubs at the Stodolni street.

There are no entrance fees to the clubs.

Beer 0.5l 30

Shot 30

Wine 40-60

Cigarettes 90

Kebab 100.


30mins tram ticket 24

Month ticket for students 250

Train Prague-Ostrava 250 (sometimes even cheaper)

Taxi a fortune, don’t ever do that, you will regret it 200 for 2km, if you ask how much is it before you go it can be much cheaper.


For the prices of the student residence, see the page ‘accommodation’.

Two rooms flat rent 7000

Electricity 5.5 per kwh

Water 72 per 1000l

Hot water 140 per 1000l

Gas 150 per month (cooking tariff)

Heating 7000 per year (two rooms flat)

Internet connection 400