_sleep out – a homeless people support

cover_nocVenkuWS2015Some _isc members decided to participate in event called „Noc venku“ (Sleep out) organized by Faculty of Social studies of University od Ostrava, and by S.A.D. Take a sleeping bag and join them!

Since 1970, „groupes of sleepers“ wanted to show the world that the destiny of homelesse people is not indifferent to them. This event „Sleep out“ took place in Ostrava for the very first time in 2012 and since that time it’s repeating every year and have a great succes. The 4th year begin the 19th of November and will take place at Ostrava main train station.

The goal of this event is to get to know better homeless issues, to see how is it like to sleep outside and gain some means which will be used as a support to homeless people.
It’s a unique opportunity to spend one night outside without your everyday comfort. At the same time it’s a chance to react to homelessness and support local people without home.

_start: 18:00, end: 7:00
_how to survive on the street? Ask the homeless people!
_snacks, workshops – make your bags and postcards
_entrance fee: cap, gloves, boots, new underwear or socks
_what YOU will need for survive: sleeping bag, camping mat, carton

We hope, you will join us for this unusual event!

Your _isc =)