_adventure trip to Radegast


Do you have enough of days spent in clubs just drinking, wasting your body and soul? Do you need some action, movement, just regular physical activity while breathing the fresh air? Here is your chance!

_isc has prepared Trip to Pustevny for you on Saturday 3rd of October. Pustevny is one of many Beskydian peaks but only on this one you will find a statue of the pagan god Radegast. Yes, I bet you’ve already seen or heard this name. It’s related with our excellent beer brand, by far the best in this region. The beer is truly named by this god and he is also the brand face of this brewery. If you want to pay tribute to god Radegast for making such a good beer, come join the _isc team in a hiking trip to this place!

But there is more! We are going to behave like monkeys and enjoy rope tracks in Tarzanie rope park. This will be the right opportunity to test your physical skills. The journey will then lead us to the top of the Pustevny Peak, where you can admire local building’s unique architecture and of course, you’ll have sweet reward for the hard work you did – the beer from the hands of god Radegast himself! And what more, if the road would be accessible and the weather will let us, we will use scooters as a
means of getting back to the valley. Sounds interesting? You bet!

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