_let your smile change Ostrava!!!

Have you ever been wondering what would make your life, or even just one day, happier? For the easiest answer you don ́t have to go too far, because it is just in front of you when you look into the mirror – a smile. Think about the moment when someone gives you a huge, honest smile. How do you feel? Like all your hardships and worries fade away with the power of the smile?

There are many ways how to conjure up a smile on somebody’s face. And because the _isc is not just about the parties, but also about giving love and good mood, we would like to spread some to people in Ostrava!!!

How? By MAKING other people smile! And how to do that? By HUGGING them and OFFERING them some FLOWERS and home­made COOKIES! The time spent by making aforementioned cookies and then giving them to people will definitely be worth it! We all can gather and participate in baking together. That you cannot bake? Don ́t worry, you can still buy some candy.

Let’s do this! Join us for this social event if you want to do a good thing and make somebody’s day!


_meeting point: Masaryk square
_date and time: 23. 4. 2015, 15:30