_free hugs!

Do you like Christmas and its atmosphere?? The smell of Christmas tree and candy, the sound of Christmas carols, well-being, peace and love which they bring. Yes? So don’t stay at home and join us in another SocialErasmus event – Free Hugs. Make some banners with slogan “Free Hugs“ or “Obejmutí zadarmo“, put on some Christmas caps or whatever you want and come on Friday 13th to Masaryk Square.

Let’s say to Czech people that this day doesn’t have to be unlucky. Let’s join together and spread love and Christmas atmosphere in the easiest way. Sometimes just a hug is all we need!

Meeting point: Masaryk Square, next to the ice rink
Time: 13th December, 1pm

Something for inspiration: http://youtu.be/V191gmo5KDY

Reach higher! Go further! Go social!