_trip to Radegast

Would you like to climb a tree like Tarzan, hike a mountain like Bear Gryll and experience a downhill on a scooter in X-Games style? Would you like to spend your Saturday in an active way?

_isc has prepared for you a Trip to Pustevny on Saturday 12th of October. Pustevny is one of many Beskydian peaks but just on this one you will find a statue of the pagan god Radegast. If you read “Radegast”, you already should know that this word is somehow related with our excellent beer brand. The beer is named aftergod Radegast, he is also the brand face of this brewery (perhaps the marketing director too… :-). If you want to pay tribute to god Radegast for making such a good beer, join this trip!

But there is more! We are going to behave like monkeys and enjoy rope tracks in Tarzania rope park, do some hiking on top of Pustevny peak and finally use scooters as means to get back to the valley. Sounds interesting? You bet!

What to take with you? Good outdoor shoes, raincoat, proper clothes for being in the mountains, money.

How much? – approximately 100 CZK for train and bus tickets, 90 CZK for scooter, 330 CZK for climbing, 120 CZK for lunch. It’s up to you if you will take part in all the activities or just in some of them, that’s why you will pay alll the costs yourself at the place.

MEETING POINT: Saturday 12th of October at 8:00 at the main train station (Ostrava hlavní nádraží).

In case that the weather will be really really bad (it means sky covered with thick gray clouds and it will rain uninterruptedly), the trip will be canceled.

Useful links:
• http://www.tarzanie.cz/en/
• http://www.beskydy-info.com/summer/adrenalin/1588-kolobezky-na-pustevnach
• http://www.vmp.cz/en/museum-tour/pustevny/