_laser tag

LASER TAG is probably the most exciting live game that simulates an actual battlefield. It is similar to the classic and still well-loved PC games wherein you strategize with your team on how to defeat your opponent. LASER TAG team missions also require team strategy but on a LIVE, ACTUAL battlefield arena. LASER TAG is the cooler, painless and high-technology version of paint ball games.

Meeting point: tram stop Karolina at 19:10
How much: 65 CZK (with ISIC), 80 CZK (without ISIC card) per one game (13 minutes – maybe it doesn’t look like enough time but we can play twice and that is enough because when you are really into it you are running the whole time).

In a more technical definition, LASER TAG is a team or individual activity that involves the use of hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. So this means no pain as targeting or shooting is done via light or simply put, laser. First-time players do not need to worry as our professionals will guide you on how you can make laser tag an exciting and fun-filled activity with your friends.

!!!Laser tag is abslotely safe but because it is played in an arena with simulated fog and flashing lights, some asthmatics and those with photosensitive epilepsy are encouraged not to play!!!