_christmas belongs to children

Let’s make wonderful Christmas for children who are not lucky enough to spend it with loving families. No child should be sad on Christmas!!!

This event was created to support the children in “Kangaroo Houses”. Kangaroo is a project of The Fund for Children in Need, it is a facility for children with the most tragic fate: mentally and physically abused or children who had to be taken from their parents because they were neglected or treated badly.

To bring at least some happiness to the lives of these children, the event Christmas Belongs to Children was created and isc has decided to support it.

What to do and how to participate?

1. Take a shoe box and create a nice gift box out of it by using gift wrapping paper.

2. Fill the box with presents for children – choose things either for a boy or a girl, choose also the age group: 2-4 years, 5-9 years or 10-14 years. Attach a tag with your choice on the box, so that the organizers know for whom the box is.
Desired presents are clothes, toys, school supplies or sweets.

3. Come with the gift box to the Christmas tree at Masaryk Square on 29.11. at 2pm. The _isc elf will be waiting for you and take you to the collection spot.

Let’s all grab some empty shoe boxes, turn them into nice presents and show that the real Christmas is about sharing and paying attention to the needs of others. Together we can make wonderful Christmas for these children, after all, Christmas belongs to children! 🙂

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