_goodbye day part 2 – czech christmas dinner

Do you love the Christmas spirit? Would you like to get to know how the Czechs celebrate Christmas and spend it with your friends here in Ostrava?

What we eat at Christmas, what our traditions are and even more is what you can see on Christmas Day which _isc has been preparing for you.

We will make our traditional Christmas Eve dinner for you, including our delicious Christmas sweets, which of course cannot be missing. You will be able to join us when we show you our traditions and customs. The carols will underline the atmosphere of the most beautiful holiday of the year.

WHEN: 11.12.2013 at 4 p.m. (we will start so early, so that after we finish, you’ll still have a lot of time to get ready for the Goodbye party starting at 10 p.m.)

WHERE: canteen of the University of Ostrava, city centre

PRICE: 75,- CZK (the dinner consists of soup, main course and Christmas sweets)
You can pay at our opening hours in the office (Monday and Wednesday 13:00-15:00, Thursday 14:30-16:30)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Because we have to book the canteen and order some part of the dinner there, the deadline for the payment is Thursday, 28th November.

Come to find out something more about Czech culture and let’s spend Christmas all together before you leave back to your home.