Orientation Week Summer Semester 2017 !!!

|6th12th February 2017|

The Orientation Week is a tool specially designed to reduce the uncertainty all new students experience with the start at the university. We work hard to create a programme, which consists of both an academic as well as a social program. It is first important event _isc (International Student Club) has prepared for you. It lasts from Monday 6th February to Sunday 12nd February 2017.


Additional information can be found in a Facebook group for incoming Erasmus+ students here.

We strongly advise you to come to Ostrava before Monday 19th of September so that your Buddy (a Czech student who will help you especially during your first days in Ostrava) can help you with the dorms, show you around the city and so you can participate in all the events which will help you get acquainted with our city, university, customs, food, etc. Also, you will have the chance to meet other international students as well as members of _isc. You will also get help with issuing documents and cards necessary for your stay here. Be aware that, unfortunately, we cannot provide any personal service to the students arriving after the Orientation Week.

Please do not miss this opportunity, which will be definitely helpful and enjoyable for you.

The Orientation Week consists of these events:

_welcome drink

The first informal meeting with other Erasmus+ students and _isc members in one famous Ostravian pub. Let’s have one of the first beers together and talk a little bit.

_welcome ceremony

Welcome Ceremony serves as a ‘Welcome to Ostrava and our university’ event. _isc will introduce itself; explain what the organization is all about and what it has to offer to students. Most of the events we prepared for you will be introduced. Furthermore, you will be given an overview of what can you expect from your first days in Ostrava and at the University. You will be able to meet important people from International Office, Vice-rector, and your faculty coordinators. In addition, you will have an opportunity to buy Welcome Bag, register, and pay for Get to Know Each Other Weekend. Welcome Bags costs 350 CZK and includes: Czech SIM card with 150 CZK credit, ESN card for discounts (40,000 student benefits and discounts in more than 125 countries, 5 – 15% discounts for _isc’s big trips), _isc guidebook with useful information and events schedule, step-by-step how to activate internet connection in your dorms, map of Ostrava and some other promo material from University of Ostrava.

_formality day

We will help you arrange transportation card (if you have not done it yet), internet and student ID card. You will need all of this during your stay in Ostrava. For the transportation card, you will need a passport or international ID and passport photo. Month transportation ticket costs around 200 CZK (depends on in which dorms you are staying), the semester one around 1 000 CZK for the whole city. Student ID card is 220 CZK (ISIC card, if you make Czech bank account with us you will get the money for ISIC card back) or 100 CZK (student card without ISIC license).  Internet connection is 150 CZK per month.

  _czech national evening

As you are going to stay in the Czech Republic for half a year, you should know something about it. What Czech people like, what is the Czech Republic famous for, typical Czech food and drinks, traditional Czech dances, useful phrases etc.

_get to know each other weekend

This weekend offers you a unique opportunity to get to know each other outside of the university environment. A rich programme of sports activities, games and competitions in nature with a lot of free time in the evening will satisfy both sports lovers and party animals. We leave Ostrava on Friday afternoon and come back on Sunday evening.  After this weekend you will not be alone, you will find many friends and your Erasmus+ life will start. Do not be alone at your dormitory, join us and enjoy a weekend, which you definitely will not forget!