Monthly Archives: April 2015

_majáles parade

Probably you have already noticed that this Wednesday is a student party called „Majáles“. This party takes place in spring every year and is always connected to a parade where students get dressed into thematic costumes. This year´s theme is „We are Czech and we are proud of it!“ Yes, […]

_wine cellar trip

Woohoo! The Wine Cellar trip is here! _when: 1. -3. 5. 2015 _where: Valtice, Lednice, Mikulov _price: 1700,- CZK with University of Ostrava ESN card / 1900,- CZK without. OK, OK, we know it looks like a lot of money but don’t stop reading, it includes a lot: _food: 1x […]

Café Lingea II

Because the previous Café Lingea was succesful we arranged for you another meeting! This time in different place (Industrial Café) and we will practice English, Italian, German and if you want you can also speak Spanish, French etc. 🙂 For those who want to join us and still don´t know […]

_Nation4Nation: Finland, Italy

Join us for the last Nation4Nation in this semester! See the presentations of various countries, taste international cuisine and special drinks, enjoy the multicultural student atmosphere and meet new people. The countries that get the chance to present themselves this time are Finland and Italy, but if anybody else wanna […]

_hawaii party

Have you ever dreamt about being in Hawaii? Enjoying the sun, feeling the warm and nice weather? Sounds like in these days it‘s not even possible to make it, right? But with us everything is possible! Come and enjoy our Hawaii – style party! If you feel bad about this […]