Main Events

Café Lingea

Café Lingea _where: Mléčný bar Naproti _when: Thursday 2. 4. 2015, at 6 pm   EN: Are you still wondering how to improve your language skills? How to speak more fluently in English, Spanish, French, Russian or Czech? Do you loath that kind of boring language classes where you’re just […]

_movie night

Do you like movies? If your answer is yes, you should definitely come to our movie night! You have perfect opportunity to watch a typical Czech movie with our distinctive humour. And what is more, you will spend a nice calm evening with your friends…Don’t worry about Czech language the […]

_isc drama club

People of the world! The time has come… to make yours Erasmus best experience once and for all! Bonitas Show me your vocal cords! On every dance floor across the world Let’s do the Theather’s Pitch Are you ready? Let’s play theathre! Play, play, play, This is how you do […]


Join us for the first Nation4Nation in this semester! See the presentations of various countries, taste international cuisine and special drinks, enjoy the multicultural student atmosphere and meet new people. The countries that get the chance to present themselves this time are France, Ireland, Romania and Spain. The presentations are […]

_isc majáles volleyball cup

Hey volleyballers, do you have sport spirit and do you fancy playing volleyball? It doesn’t matter if you are Erasmus,a foreigner or a Czech student. International Student Club of the University of Ostrava invites you with pleasure to _isc majáles volleyball cup. It’s part of the accompanying programme of Majáles, […]

_movie projection

After previous Czech movie night we have another opportunity for you to watch a movie with us! Let’s spend afternoon with our friends by watching an exceptional movie about unusual situations of people’s lives set in Ireland, in Dublin. It isn’t typical Czech movie, but one of the main characters […]

_movie night

Are you tired from partying all the time? Do you like movies? Do you want to find out something about Czech cinematography, culture and history? So next Tuesday’s event is just for you because it’s going to be a MOVIE NIGHT! Let’s find out together what happens when you mix […]


Attention ladies and gentlemen, this year _memorybook is here! Do you like your new Erasmus friends? Do you want something to remember them better? Do you want them to also remember you? Fill this questionnaire and be part of this year _memorybook! It is a gift from _isc, but if you […]